Monday, December 12, 2011

Cleaning Drains with Green Chemicals

With the growing emphasis on preserving the environment and avoiding pollution, more people are now turning to green chemicals to accomplish different kinds of cleaning, from auto detailing and degreasing to carpet cleaning and deodorizing. There are also many chemicals available for jobs like unclogging and cleaning drains. It is best to avoid such harsh chemicals and choose plant-based versions as safe alternatives

With powerful ingredients sourced from nature, green cleaners are an excellent choice to clean and unclog drains efficiently and quickly. The high concentration of plant extracts in these green chemicals are capable of dissolving hydrocarbon deposits and organic matter such as grease, fats, hair and food particles that usually clog drains. By effectively eliminating all these odor-causing deposits at the source, this chemical helps prevent foul odors.

Green drain openers lend their cleaning power specialized technologies. These green chemicals break up and dissolve the toughest dirt deposits in no time. The powerful formulation even helps break down the waste buildup in septic tanks, thereby helping you save on plumbing costs.

The plant-based components in these green chemicals do not pose risks of damage to any kind of plumbing. The natural components also make this green cleaner, non-toxic, biodegradable and completely eco-friendly. This chemical poses no threat to flora, wildlife, or water resources even if it flows out into the environment.