Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why We Need Green Chemicals

What are green chemicals? In the cleaning industry, these are detergents made from natural matter. In other words, these natural detergents do not contain a single artificial substance.

How do they clean, then? The methods vary from product to product. Sophisticated green chemicals utilize what is called micro blasting technology. Such green chemicals contain a number of nano-sized particles. The technology unleashes the particles on the surfaces to be cleaned, mainly mats and carpets. The particles filter into the carpet surfaces and break or weaken the bond between impurities and the surface.

Eco Friendly
As the name suggests, these are eco-friendly substances. By eco-friendly, it is not meant the substance is useful only for the environment around us. It is safefor the cleaning workers and people who come into contact with the cleaned mats and carpets and for the surface as well.

Some artificial detergents leave toxic residue on the surfaces. Such substances can be more harmful than the dirt and stains they remove. Green chemicals, as already mentioned, do not have any artificial substances and use micro blasting technology to clean the surfaces. So, there is no chance for leaving any harmful substance on the surfaces of mats and carpets.

Genuine Product
Always make sure the green chemicals all natural and used with a top quality machine from Daimer®.