Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Degreasing Made Simple with Powerful Green Chemicals

Powerful Green Chemicals Degreaser
Regardless of the kind of degreasing job you are doing, it is a fact that degreasing can be tough and tiresome. Degreasing your car, garage floor, tools and machinery can involve a lot of scrubbing and washing. So, most of us turn to cleaning chemicals to manage the task without bothering about the serious effects of exposure to the harsh chemicals and abrasive detergents in these chemical cleaners. Thanks to the extensive range of green chemicals from Daimer®, it is now possible to obtain exceptional degreasing results without getting exposed to toxic chemicals.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser from Daimer® is a powerful yet absolutely safe degreaser that is natural and plant based. These green degreasers contain nano-based molecules that penetrate and quickly dissolve oil, grease, dirt, fats and hydrocarbon deposits on different surfaces like vehicles, metal parts, engines, concrete, machinery, tools and industrial floors.

Green chemicals like the Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser can be used depending on how challenging the cleaning task is. For general cleaning or degreasing jobs, you can use these green chemicals after diluting them. However, for heavy duty degreasing applications, it is best to use green degreasers with lower dilution ratios or in concentrated form. For enhanced cleaning results, you can also add green degreasers while pressure cleaning.

Since these green chemicals are chlorine-free and environmentally friendly non toxic, they will not tarnish any surface. The absence of toxic components not only makes this green degreaser biodegradable but also perfectly safe for use around kids, pets or plants.