Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Chemicals Keep Evaporator Coils Clean

Green chemicals can be used for a number of different cleaning projects, ranging from auto detailing to cleaning graffiti from walls. They are also very useful in cleaning evaporator coils. This task may be complicated, but essential to keep the coils clean. Regular maintenance of evaporator coils is important to ensure that the machine lasts long and that the air it circulates is clean. Using chemically based products to clean these coils sometimes results in corrosive activity. They can also leave behind toxic traces that may re-enter the air. The best way to avoid this is by using green chemicals.

The Eco-Green® Evaporator Coil Cleaner from Daimer® is the best way to effectively and safely clean evaporator coils. This formula is effective in removing substances like rust and scale build-up, which reduce the efficiency of the machine. They are also effective in removing grease and dirt, as well as other debris that accumulate on the coils. By increasing the surface area of the coil exposed to ambient air, these green chemicals work towards reducing the energy costs of the system. Regular cleaning with these eco-friendly products can increase the life and efficiency of the system.

Green chemicals from Daimer® work by penetrating and destroying dirt molecules from the inside. They also encapsulate dirt and grease particles so they cannot re-adhere to the newly cleaned surface. This effective cleaning power is completely eco-friendly since the green chemicals are plant-based. This means they break down naturally in the environment, biodegrading by over 90% in the first 28 days.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Benefits of Using a Green Cleaner for Cleaning Tools and Parts

Parts Washer &Cleaner
When it comes to cleaning industrial tools, you will most often experience a tough time cleaning grime and grease. If you resort to chemical cleaners, the harsh chemicals may damage sensitive machine parts. Harmful chemicals can even present a health hazard for you and your employees. This is why it would be a good idea to consider using green chemicals, such as Eco-green® Ultra-Power™ Parts Washer & Cleaner. This is a concentrated, non-toxic, plant-based cleaner that instantly dissolves tough hydrocarbon deposits like grease, fats, oil, proteins, sugar, and petroleum derivatives.

The cleaning capability of Eco-green® Ultra-Power ™ Parts Washer & Cleaner is mainly due to its use of advanced Micro-Blasting® technology, which breaks down the hydrocarbon bonds that hold grease particles together. The nano-sized particles in such green chemicals penetrate deep into the grease molecules and break them up, making it easier for you to remove greasy deposits.

The law states that chemical cleaning solutions must be treated or recycled to prevent them from polluting the environment. This process usually amounts to a large cost, especially for gas and auto service stations that have to clean greasy equipment on a daily basis. In such situations, using green chemicals goes a long way in cutting costs and safeguarding the environment and health of employees as well.

Best of all, these green chemicals are completely safe for use on almost all parts and tools since the formula is made from natural products and will not lead to rusting or corrosion of any industrial machine parts.