Monday, September 13, 2010

How do Green Chemicals Rank over their Toxic Chemical Counterparts?

Due to the increasing awareness of the environment, many companies are now providing green chemicals for a number of different cleaning applications. However, many people are doubtful about the effectiveness of green products. It is a common belief that green chemicals are not as powerful or effective as their harsh toxic counterparts. Fortunately, as technology advances, green chemicals are now as powerful, if not more powerful, than toxic solutions.

Evolution of Green Products

When green cleaning solutions were first introduced, companies mainly focused on avoiding adverse effects on the environment. Some of these products were not as effective as their synthetic counterparts. However, advances in technology have allowed many companies to improve on their formulas and their effectiveness, while remaining safe for the user, surface, and environment. In fact, top green cleaning products available today can outperform their toxic counterparts.

Selecting the Right Products

It is important to select the right green cleaning solutions. There are many products available and not all of them are genuine green chemicals or effective cleaners. Buyers have to choose the right product to reap the maximum rewards.

One method is to choose the cleaning solution based on the technology. Daimer® offers green chemicals with Micro-Blasting® technology in their line of Eco-Green® green cleaning solutions. These products are derived from plants and vegetables. The technology releases nano-sized particles to help break down the bond between the dirt and surface. In addition, they help prevent dirt particles from reattaching to the surface.

Daimer®, one of the most innovative suppliers in the cleaning industry, odor elimination, provides genuine green chemicals powered by Micro-Blasting® technology.