Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Use Green Chemicals for Tough Degreasing Tasks

Degreasing jobs are difficult and tiresome cleaning applications. Degreasing industrial machinery, tools, garage floors, and vehicle exteriors often involves scrubbing, washing, and wiping. To make the job easier, most people use cleaning chemicals. However, these chemicals can be toxic and dangerous to your health and the environment around you.. Fortunately, it is now possible to achieve outstanding degreasing results and prevent exposure to toxic chemical components by using the advanced line of green chemicals available from Daimer®.

The Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Super Duty Degreaser from Daimer® is a powerful yet safe, plant-based degreaser empowered with innovative cleaning technology. This natural green degreaser contains nano-sized micelles that effectively penetrate grease molecules. The grease molecules are then broken up into millions of tiny molecules that repel one another, making them incapable of reattaching to the cleaned surfaces. These green cleaners can instantly dissolve grease, oil, fats, and other hydrocarbon deposits on surfaces such as tools, machinery, industrial floors, concrete, vehicle surfaces, automobile engines, shop floors, and parking lots.

Green chemicals, such as the Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Super Duty Degreaser, are great in both the concentrated and diluted form. For general degreasing jobs, green cleaners can be used in the diluted form. On the other hand, it is best to use them in the concentrated form for highly challenging degreasing jobs. Best of all, these green cleaners can also be used to enhance the cleaning power of pressure cleaning machines. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can Green Chemicals Tackle Heavy Degreasing?

Green Chemicals Tackle Heavy Degreasing
While many people agree green chemicals are suitable for commercial cleaning jobs, they remain skeptical about how well they work in industrial settings. When it comes to removing industrial debris and heavy grease deposits, there is still a feeling that only harsh chemicals can accomplish the job. When the harsh chemicals do not work, it may even be assumed that the mess simply cannot be cleaned. The truth is that green chemicals can often provide better results than hazardous chemical-based solvents without the harmful side effects.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power® Super Duty Degreaser from Daimer® is a great example of a green cleaner specially designed for heavy degreasing jobs. Unlike most chemically based cleaning agents, this eco-friendly degreaser comes equipped with a special technology that penetrates grease molecules. These molecules are then broken down from within, making them much easier to remove. Even old and hardened grease and grime can be eliminated. Apart from that, green chemicals ensure that the resulting grease particles are also made to repel one another. This means they do not re-adhere to the surface or to each other. These green chemicals are ideal for cleaning areas like workshops, gas stations, and parking lots.

People who use these eco-friendly green cleaning products do not have to worry about the noxious and harmful effects often associated with chemical based cleaning products. Green chemicals do not pose those risks because they are plant based, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable. This makes them safer to use, as they break down completely and naturally in the environment.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner – A Natural yet Powerful Cleaning Solution

Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner
Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner from Daimer® is a plant-based product that has been specially formulated to unclog and clean drains safely, quickly, and efficiently. These natural, yet highly concentrated, green chemicals can instantly break down organic matter, dissolve hydrocarbon deposits, and clean drains that have been clogged with hair, food particles, fat, grease, and other organic residues. In addition to cleaning, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is capable of eliminating the foul odor of organic matter.

The exceptional cleaning power of green chemicals like Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner can be attributed to the use of unique Micro-Blasting® technology that utilizes nano-sized particles to penetrate deep into dirt deposits and dissolve them to enable easy removal. All sorts of harmful, organic substances and tough stains can be effectively eliminated due to this innovative cleaning technology. In fact, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is greatly beneficial in breaking down the waste accumulated in septic tanks so that you can save a good deal on plumbing costs.

Since green chemicals, such as Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner, are sourced from nature, they are perfectly safe for use on all types of plumbing. Being non-toxic, free of chemical components, and readily biodegradable, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is completely environmentally safe. This means you can confidently use these green chemicals without worrying about harm to your kids, pets, or plants.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eco-Green Green Chemicals for Auto Detailing

truck detailing chemicals
Auto detailing is a tough job involving a lot of scrubbing and washing. It can be even more troublesome for a commercial auto detailer who is exposed to the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals being used. These chemicals are not only hazardous to the health of the user, but also equally bad for the environment. These commercial auto detailing products contain abrasive cleaning agents and harmful chemicals that may even tarnish a vehicle’s surface. All these dangerous side effects can be eliminated with the use of green chemicals. In addition to their safety, green chemicals are equally effective in providing exceptional results.

What Are Green Cleaning Products Made Up Of?

There are several renowned distributors of auto detailing products and equipment that offer green car and truck detailing chemicals to help you get the same quality results without using hazardous chemical compounds. These green auto detailing cleaners are plant based, and hence, they are nontoxic, non-acidic, and completely safe for use. Owing to the use of advanced technology in the making of such cleaners, they can be used to do the same jobs as the other harsh chemicals.

When you use auto detailing equipment and products from renowned suppliers, you will be guaranteed the highest quality and maximum efficiency. By using quality products and equipment, you would be significantly reducing the maintenance costs as well. Daimer® is one such provider that offers the highest quality mobile car cleaning machines, carpet cleaners, and green chemicals.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Degreasing Made Simple with Powerful Green Chemicals

Powerful Green Chemicals Degreaser
Regardless of the kind of degreasing job you are doing, it is a fact that degreasing can be tough and tiresome. Degreasing your car, garage floor, tools and machinery can involve a lot of scrubbing and washing. So, most of us turn to cleaning chemicals to manage the task without bothering about the serious effects of exposure to the harsh chemicals and abrasive detergents in these chemical cleaners. Thanks to the extensive range of green chemicals from Daimer®, it is now possible to obtain exceptional degreasing results without getting exposed to toxic chemicals.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser from Daimer® is a powerful yet absolutely safe degreaser that is natural and plant based. These green degreasers contain nano-based molecules that penetrate and quickly dissolve oil, grease, dirt, fats and hydrocarbon deposits on different surfaces like vehicles, metal parts, engines, concrete, machinery, tools and industrial floors.

Green chemicals like the Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser can be used depending on how challenging the cleaning task is. For general cleaning or degreasing jobs, you can use these green chemicals after diluting them. However, for heavy duty degreasing applications, it is best to use green degreasers with lower dilution ratios or in concentrated form. For enhanced cleaning results, you can also add green degreasers while pressure cleaning.

Since these green chemicals are chlorine-free and environmentally friendly non toxic, they will not tarnish any surface. The absence of toxic components not only makes this green degreaser biodegradable but also perfectly safe for use around kids, pets or plants.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What are Green Chemicals?

Awareness about global warming and other environmental issues has been rising for some time now. A large number of people know the fact that some chemicals used in detergents and soaps have harmful side effects. Many industries are seeking ways to improve their performance to become more eco-friendly. In what can be called a ground-breaking innovation regarding environmental protection in the cleaning industry, Daimer®, a leading distributor of cleaning equipment and supplies, has recently introduced the Eco-Green® series of green chemicals.

The term “green chemicals” implies that these are easily and quickly biodegradable and do not have harmful side effects. They are derived from plants and vegetables and make use of the chemical and colloidal properties of certain plant extracts.

As far as performance, the green chemicals easily outscore the detergents and soaps that make use of artificial chemicals. The green cleaning products consist of small, nano-sized particles that can filter into any surface and disrupt the bonding between stains and the surface.

For example, take the case of Eco-Green® Tile and Grout Cleaner, one of the most popular green chemicals from Daimer®. Arguably, it is the most effective and efficient product in its category. At the same time, it is also cost-effective and eco-friendly. It can remove almost all types of stain marks and residues on tiles and in grout lines.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opt for Green Chemicals to Clean Your Carpets

Stain marks and liquid residue spots can spoil the look of carpet. You cannot avoid such marks. Milk might spill onto the floor or a tea pot might fall from your hand and break. All it requires is a moment of carelessness or a hasty action. What’s more, stains are almost inevitable if you have kids and pets at home or if you are maintaining a commercial facility handling customer interaction.

Many people still use commercial stain removers, even though they know that these products contain harmful chemicals. It is often believed that there is nothing else out there. But, constant use of these chemicals can cause several serious health problems and worsen existing ones. As such, you may want to consider an alternative for your home or workplace.

This solution is the use of green chemicals. These are efficient in removing stains and do not have any harmful ingredients or side effects.

The most popular among the green chemicals for removing stains in carpets is Eco-Green® Carpet Care. This product is supplied by Daimer®, one of the top-notch distributors of various kinds of cleaning products. The company offers a range of green chemicals that are produced from plants and other natural resources.

Sadly, many so-called green chemicals available in the market still contain ingredients that are harmful to either the user or the environment. However, Eco-Green® Carpet Care is readily biodegradable. Hence it does not cause any environmental damage. Even better, it is safe for the user and all people and animals that come into contact with cleaned surfaces.

In addition to being safe, Carpet Care consists of Micro-Blasting® nano-particles that can penetrate into virtually any substance and remove even well-set and difficult-to-remove stains from deep within carpets.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Treatment

There are many benefits for using green chemicals today, and the advantages of these solutions for your cleaning and maintenance needs are numerous. Unlike some would have you think, in terms of cleaning power, professional green chemicals offer highly effective cleaning power for removing dirt and various other kinds of deposits safely from just about any surface. In today’s world, we need effective products and the assurance these cleaning solutions are eco-friendly. This means that you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, build-up, or run-off of hazardous chemicals when you work and clean.

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner from Daimer® operates by using our unique system known as Micro-Blasting® technology. This involves nano-particles which penetrate blockages, dirt and grease molecules and break them down. This makes even the most stubborn clog dissolve without leaving any residue behind. Our green chemicals also feature the use of revolutionary Green Chemistry and Colloidal Technology; this enables us to provide effective products which are made entirely from our plant-based formula, specially designed to break down matter that clogs drains.

The Eco-Green line of green chemicals includes our Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner and is ideal for tackling septic tank blocks, which can often lead to hefty plumbing bills. Even the most stubborn drain clogs dissolve away safely and easily because these green chemicals emulsify hydrocarbon residues and organic matter. We are offering a superior drain opener capable of not only breaking down organic waste, but so powerful it will eliminate the bad odor that often emits from clogged drains. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the corrosion to your pipes caused by the use of caustic chemicals.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Chemicals To Keep Your Evaporator Clean!

Green chemicals can come in very handy when cleaning those evaporator coils. These coils are found in appliances like chillers, humidifiers, air conditioners and heating coils. These evaporators need to be cleaned on a regular basis; if they aren’t, their performance is affected. A dirty coil can also leads to higher energy costs for you as well. But, getting these parts cleaned isn’t always an easy task. Many of them are subject to very stubborn dirt deposits that can take a lot of scrubbing to get rid of.

Opting for green chemicals by Daimer® can make the cleaning job a whole lot easier. In fact, the Eco-Green® Evaporator Coil Cleaner is specially designed to clean these coils in the best way possible. This product uses Micro-Blasting® micelles molecules which penetrate dirt molecules, whether ordinary dirt or stubborn grease deposits. These green chemicals break these deposits down right from the core, making them easier to clean away completely. Additionally, the nano-sized Micro-Blasting® chemistry used in our coil cleaner helps to prevent re-deposition of dirt onto treated coils.

Apart from that, these green cleaning products also feature Colloidal Technology and Green Chemistry. They are completely plant-based, which means they are environmentally friendly. With Eco-Green, there is no need for the use of harsh chemicals that may affect the air quality in your facility or vehicle or cause metal surfaces to corrode. These green chemicals also improve heat transference in the evaporator coils- this can go a long way in saving money on energy costs. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green Chemicals To Keep Your Car Sparkling!

eco green car wash,
Green chemicals can go a long way in making sure your car doesn’t just look clean, but is clean deep-down as well. This means, getting rid of grime, grease and dirt build-up that might not be readily visible. To accomplish this, Daimer® introduces Eco-Green ® Heavy Duty Car Wash which works from the base up, tackling dirt right from the root instead of superficially. As an added bonus, these green cleaning chemicals are all natural and are 100% plant-based products, meaning you won’t have to worry about harmful or corrosive chemical effects on your car body or on your skin.

But how exactly are these green chemicals from Daimer® more efficient than other detergents or chemicals? One reason is that these green chemicals feature Micro-Blasting® molecules. These are nano-based particles which penetrate dirt molecules and break them down, right from their core. This means a more effective and complete cleaning job that really roots out grime and dirt deposits. Eco-Green ® Heavy Duty Car Wash also has a special colloidal technology and green chemistry, which target stains that are especially hard to remove. These green chemicals also tackle the build-up of hydrocarbons on the vehicle body- these are deposits like petroleum, road tar and grease. Not only that, Eco-Green ® Heavy Duty Car Wash offers a protective coating that makes it tougher for dirt to adhere to the vehicle body after cleaning.

Best of all, when using Eco-Green ® Heavy Duty Car Wash auto detailing professionals, car wash operators, and vehicle owners alike can benefit from the environmentally nature of the solution. While other chemicals introduce harmful ingredients into our waterways and water treatment facilities due to runoff, Eco-Green ® is biodegradable and safe for all environments. Users no longer have to worry about run-off wastewater harming the environment.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser

Cleaning grease and heavy soil can be a very tough jobs in virtually any setting, whether it is in commercial locations, industrial facilities, on machinery or shop floors, equipment, machinery, tools, metal parts, engines, trucks, concrete, and more. In the past, it seemed only cleaners with harmful solvents and butyl would do an effective job. That is why Daimer® is introducing a degreaser and other cleaning products that will work safely and effectively in nearly all commercial and industrial applications for the proper maintenance of vehicles, machinery, and facilities. Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser with Micro-Blasting ® technology, along with the Eco-Green ® family of green chemicals, are the safest and most powerful green chemicals for degreasing in the industry.

Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser green chemicals quickly and effectively penetrate and breakdown oil, grease, dirt, and other stubborn substances that tarnish a wide variety of surfaces, making for easy cleaning. These green chemicals are comprised of super-small Micro-Blasting ® molecules that actually break down the hydrocarbon bonds that bind grease molecules together, shattering them into billions of minute particles. These tiny particles repel each other; which eliminates their ability to re-deposit onto cleaned surfaces.

In addition to their highly powerful degreasing action, Ultra-Power ® Degreaser green chemicals are derived from food-grade, plant-based ingredients, making them entirely readily biodegradable. There is no need for commercial and industrial users to worry about harmful runoff, which is associated with other degreasing chemicals. In fact, Eco-Green ® green chemicals are completely safe for all users, animals, plants, and for any environment. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eco-Green ® Truck Wash

Let’s face it; trucks get dirty. Trucks are often subjected to more demanding conditions where they are exposed to heavy soiling. To remove the strongest dirt, grease, and mud from truck exteriors more heavy-duty green chemicals are required, with power beyond that which is used for automobiles. One such solution is Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Truck Wash.

Eco-Green® Truck Wash green chemicals are highly concentrated for the most effective cleaning and degreasing of truck surfaces available. Despite their effectiveness, these green chemicals are the most safe, yet powerful, green chemicals in the industry. They contain no harmful chemicals, soaps, or detergents, and are completely toxin free. No more need to worry about the run-off associated with other cleaners.

These green cleaning products and chemicals are formulated to prevent the re-deposition of grease and mud onto cleaned truck surfaces. As such, even in demanding environments, truck surfaces stay cleaner longer. Even in driving off road, trucks and 4x4’s cleaned with Eco-Green® Truck Wash green chemicals actually prevent mud from adhering.

Eco-Green® green chemicals are so effective because they use super-small Micro-Blasting® molecules. These molecules are 50-100x smaller than traditional soaps. This allows the molecules to efficiently encapsulate, emulsify, and remove all hydrocarbon residues, including fats, oils, proteins, sugars, bugs, tree sap, petroleum derivatives, greases, road tar, and more. And, best of all, these green chemicals are safe for virtually any surface: metal, fabric, aluminum, alloy, vinyl, rubber, leather, and more.

To clean your trucks more thoroughly and keep them cleaner for longer, use Eco-Green ® Truck Wash.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daimer ® Eco-Green ® Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover
Daimer®’s line of Eco-Green® green chemicals contains formulas for virtually every application. Now Daimer® provides green cleaning products and chemicals for one of the most daunting tasks janitors or other custodial users will face, graffiti cleanup. Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover is one of Eco-Green® revolutionary green chemicals that makes use of New Breakthrough colloidal technology and green chemistry.

Graffiti Remover green chemicals are comprised of emulsifiers and lifters that will quickly remove graffiti, paint, ink, adhesives, markers, permanent markers, pencils, pens, and more. Additionally, Eco-Green Graffiti Remover has no foul odor and can completely remove graffiti without leaving behind any unsightly shadowing.

Many graffiti remover green chemicals available contain harmful chemicals that not only harm the user, but can harm anyone who comes in contact with the surface. This is especially not safe to use in areas that come into contact with children, like schools. However, Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe for all people, animals, and plants. Additionally, Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover is safe for use on virtually all surfaces, including concrete, brick, walls, metal, rubber, fabrics, aluminum, painted surfaces, leather, and more.

Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover is comprised of super-small Micro-Blasting® molecules. These molecules are 50-100x smaller than the molecules found in traditional soaps and detergents. This allows the Micro-Blasting® molecules to emulsify organic matter and break the molecules of graffiti and other stains into billions of tiny particles that constantly repel one another. This prevents the re-adherence of stains onto cleaned surfaces.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser

The Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser is one of Daimer®’s ULTRA-POWERFUL green chemicals. Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser is a biodegradable formula derived completely from food-grade, plant-based ingredients, making it one of the most powerful and environmentally safe degreaser green chemicals in the industry.

Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser green chemicals are designed to quickly break down the heaviest oil and grease buildup from virtually any surface. Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser is high effective for use in areas where heavy grease and oil stains are a major problem, like gas stations, industrial floors, shop floors, parking lots, and more.

All Eco-Green ® green chemicals, including Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser are comprised of super-small Micro-Blasting ® molecules. What sets Eco-Green ® apart is the fact that these molecules are 50-100x smaller than those found in traditional detergents and soaps. This allows Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser to penetrate and break down grease and oil molecules and encapsulate them in water while removing them from the surface while cleaning it. Once emulsified in water, these grease and oil particles repel one another. This prevents the re-adherence of grease and oil particles onto cleaned surfaces.

Other powerful degreasing chemicals on the market contain highly toxic ingredients that can harm the user and any person, animal, or plant that comes into contact with the chemical. However, Eco-Green ® green chemicals are non-toxic, making them the safest cleaning solutions for people and the environment.

Another major benefit of using Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Super Duty Degreaser in gas stations and other areas, where prominent oil and grease cause risk of fire, is its non-flammable formula. Using Eco-Green ® non-flammable green chemicals will add necessary safety to the most challenging degreasing applications.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eco-Green® Stove Hood Degreaser & Duct Cleaner

Let’s face it. Stove hoods and ducts are surfaces that attract grease. This can cause a major problem in food service facilities and more. But, these facilities no longer have to worry with the use of Eco-Green® Stove Hood Degreaser & Duct Cleaner. And, by using Daimer®’s environmentally safe green chemicals, users can experience a 100% readily biodegradable cleaning formula safe for virtually all environments, people, animals, and plants.

Stove Hood Degreaser & Duct Cleaner green chemicals are designed to quickly remove grease, dirt, and other oils from hoods and ducts in virtually any environment. These green chemicals can achieve such a speedy and efficient clean through the use of super-small Micro-Blasting® molecules which encapsulate and emulsify hydrocarbon residues, like grease, oil, fats, sugars, petroleum derivatives, proteins, and more. This encapsulation process actually prevents the grease molecules for re-depositing onto cleaned hoods and ducts.

Because Stove Hood Degreaser & Duct Cleaner is derived completely from food-grade, plant-based ingredients, these green chemicals can be used to effectively clean and degrease hoods and ducts without causing harm.

Not only are these green chemicals eco-friendly and safe, but they will actually reduce labor costs associated with stove hood and duct cleaning by accelerating the degreasing and decomposition process and by preventing re-adherence of grease molecules onto cleaned surfaces.

Best of all, this unique formula is the most powerful and environmentally safe stove and duct cleaner in the industry, and is available for as low as $11.34 per diluted gallon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eco-Green® Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner

Eco-Green® Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner is one of Daimer® plant-based, non-toxic and completely environmentally safe green chemicals. These green chemicals are 100% readily biodegradable, making them safe to use and dispose of in virtually any environment. Additionally, these green chemicals are safe for use by or on humans, plants and animals.

The industrial strength formula that makes up Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner contains freezing point depressants. As such, these green chemicals are effective in temperatures as low as -70ºF! This allows Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner to be used to effectively clean out and de-ice freezers.

Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner will remove stubborn, condensate ice build-up on freezers and truck reefers. To do so, Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner contains super-small Micro-Blasting® nano-molecules, 50-100x smaller than the molecules in traditional soaps and detergents. As such, these green chemicals can penetrate and break carbon bonds, dispersing grease and dirt molecules in water so that they can be easily rinsed away. These molecules are broken into billions of particles that repel one another. This repulsion actually prevents their re-deposition onto cleaned sub-zero surfaces.

Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner green chemicals offer the deepest clean available in the industry while maintaining the ability to work in super-low temperatures. And, the food-grade ingredient base of these green chemicals makes them safe for use in food-service applications where other chemicals containing harmful ingredients are not.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner

Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner
Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner is a NEW, environmentally-friendly, 100% plant-based formula that is designed to penetrate and break down hard-to-remove grease, food residue and oil molecules found on ovens, grills and barbecues.Like all Eco-Green® green chemicals, Oven, Grill & BBQ cleaner is highly effective while remaining 100% readily biodegradable in virtually any environment.

Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner green chemicals contain Micro-Blasting® molecules. These tiny micelles are 50-100x smaller than the molecules found in traditional soaps. This allows Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner to penetrate grease molecules and breaks the molecules apart by destroying the hydrogen bonds holding them together. These resulting particles repel one another, which even prevents re-deposition onto already cleaned ovens, grills and barbecues.

Many green chemicals on the market still contain harmful soaps, detergents and petroleum derivatives. These “green chemicals” are not safe for use on cooking surfaces nor are they completely safe for the environment. Yet all of Eco-Green® green chemicals are safe for use on all surfaces and safe for humans, plants and animals. Even if Eco-Green® green chemicals are splashed in the user’s eyes, it needs simply to be washed out.

Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & Barbecue Cleaner is one of the most effective and environmentally-safe green chemicals for grease removal from oven, grill and barbecue surfaces available. Best of all, Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & Barbecue Cleaner is available for as low as $5.39 per diluted gallon. Many more expensive green chemicals can’t even come close to the cleaning power or the entirely eco-friendly and safe nature of Eco-Green®.