Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Chemicals for Effective and Safe Cleaning

One of the many advantages of using green chemicals is the safety toward the user and the environment. Eco-Green® cleaning agents from Daimer® are also more effective than many of their toxic counterparts. This is because they use a special Micro-Blasting® technology that penetrates dirt molecules and breaks them down from the inside out. This makes them especially effective in removing old, hardened stains and grease deposits.

Unlike toxic chemicals, which are usually harmful for the user and the environment, green chemicals are non-toxic and completely harmless. In fact, they can even be used in areas where there are small children, plants, or small pets, since there is no risk of these products leaving harmful toxic traces.

Green chemicals' safety stems from their plant-based composition. Toxic cleaning products are generally made using chemicals that often take years to naturally break down in the environment. Green chemicals, on the other hand, are synthesized from plant products, which means they can break down easily and completely in the environment without risking contamination of soil or water. It also means it is safe for the user and will not cause any harm.

Green chemicals are also safe on the surfaces you clean. For example, many toxic chemicals can have a corrosive effect on things like vehicles. Using green cleaning products for washing cars and trucks does risk damage to vehicle surfaces. These eco-friendly cleaning products are not only safe to use, they are also extremely effective in tackling stains and dirt on different surfaces.