Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can Green Chemicals Tackle Grease?

The advancement of green chemicals has enabled them to perform superior cleaning, often better than their toxic counterparts. However, many still doubt the capabilities of these cleaners. Tougher industrial tasks like degreasing almost always call for heavy, chemical-based cleaning solutions. Industrial grease is one of the toughest substances to remove, even with cleaning chemicals. To tackle tough grease deposits, there are green chemicals available that will effectively get the job done. For instance, Daimer® offers a green cleaning solution in their Eco-Green® line of cleaners specifically tailored for tackling grease.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser works more effectively than many chemical-based cleaning solutions, as it uses a unique technology known as Micro-Blasting® Technology. It penetrates the grease at a molecular level, breaking it down into very small particles. These particles are then coated to ensure that they do not re-adhere to each other or to the cleaned surface. By attacking the grease at the molecular level, this line of green chemicals can remove stubborn grease deposits with relative ease.

Best of all, these green chemicals are made from plant material, which means they are completely biodegradable. There is no risk of toxic traces being left behind after cleaning. Users do not have to worry about inhaling dangerous fumes while working or corroding cleaning equipment. Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser can be used undiluted for very tough degreasing jobs or diluted to deal with relatively light cleaning tasks. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Chemicals to Tackle Grease

Many people know about the benefits of using green cleaning chemicals, yet they still rely on toxic cleaners for a number of different applications. Grease is one of the hardest substances to remove completely, as it tends to cling to surfaces. To make matters worse, old grease can attract other debris and harden as well.

It is commonly believed that only very harsh cleaning solutions have what it takes to eliminate grease deposits, which are often found in industrial areas such as factories and warehouses. However, there are green chemical formulas available that can effectively deal with grease removal.

Eco-Green® Grease Trap Degreaser & Treatment from Daimer® does far more than your average cleaning chemicals can do. Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals break down molecules from the inside, effectively eliminating grease, and other dirt deposits. By breaking the actual hydrocarbon bonds that bind the grease together, green chemicals can remove grease effectively.

This can be very helpful in situations where hardened or very sticky grease can be liquefied for easy disposal. Apart from that, these green chemicals also work to ensure that the grease traps are also kept as clean as possible.

Just because green chemicals are safe for the environment, it does not mean they are soft on dirt. Eco-Green® Grease Trap Degreaser & Treatment is a great example of a green cleaning product that effectively clears even the toughest grease with relative ease. These products are easily biodegradable and do not pollute the soil or water.