Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opt for Green Chemicals to Clean Your Carpets

Stain marks and liquid residue spots can spoil the look of carpet. You cannot avoid such marks. Milk might spill onto the floor or a tea pot might fall from your hand and break. All it requires is a moment of carelessness or a hasty action. What’s more, stains are almost inevitable if you have kids and pets at home or if you are maintaining a commercial facility handling customer interaction.

Many people still use commercial stain removers, even though they know that these products contain harmful chemicals. It is often believed that there is nothing else out there. But, constant use of these chemicals can cause several serious health problems and worsen existing ones. As such, you may want to consider an alternative for your home or workplace.

This solution is the use of green chemicals. These are efficient in removing stains and do not have any harmful ingredients or side effects.

The most popular among the green chemicals for removing stains in carpets is Eco-Green® Carpet Care. This product is supplied by Daimer®, one of the top-notch distributors of various kinds of cleaning products. The company offers a range of green chemicals that are produced from plants and other natural resources.

Sadly, many so-called green chemicals available in the market still contain ingredients that are harmful to either the user or the environment. However, Eco-Green® Carpet Care is readily biodegradable. Hence it does not cause any environmental damage. Even better, it is safe for the user and all people and animals that come into contact with cleaned surfaces.

In addition to being safe, Carpet Care consists of Micro-Blasting® nano-particles that can penetrate into virtually any substance and remove even well-set and difficult-to-remove stains from deep within carpets.