Saturday, February 27, 2010

Green Chemicals - Extensive Product Lines for Multiple Applications

Although green cleaning products are becoming more widespread, there has been a limited amount of options available for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Until now, people have believed heavy duty cleaning requirements can only be fulfilled through harsh chemical based products. Daimer®’s green chemicals are among the first to break this green barrier. Daimer®’s eco-friendly, non-polluting products can clean carpets, rugs, trucks, car engines, kitchen tiles, metals, stone, vinyl, and just about every type of surface. In fact, there is a formula for almost all applications industrial and commercial users face.

What make these green chemicals safe are all natural components. These products rarely don't aggravate allergies and eliminate the risk of burning and itching. They are bio-degradable and do not accumulate in the soil, water, or air to disrupt the natural equilibrium. In addition, Daimer®’s green chemicals are not flammable, which means they can be transported, stored, and used without being a fire hazard.

These products use Daimer®’s Micro-Blasting® technology to effectively eliminate tough stains and dirt. This technology is what affords Eco-Green® formulas such power. The molecules in the product react with dirt particles and form a coating around them, preventing them from reattaching to the cleaned surface. The dirt can be removed by wiping the surface, washing it, or by vacuuming.

Some green chemicals are designed to remove rust stains, adhesives, or graffiti. Other eco-friendly products assist in odor removal by tackling molds and bacteria, removing grease, or unclogging drains, among many other applications. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reasons to Switch to Green Chemicals

When cleaning, many choose to use a number of various cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, many of these cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can harm not only the user, but the environment as well. This is why many cleaning professionals today are choosing to use green chemicals to avoid exposure to harmful toxins.

As a plant based cleaner, green chemicals from Daimer®'s Eco-Green® line are safe for use on almost all surfaces. The nano-based molecules in green chemicals effectively penetrate into dirt particles and dissolve them quickly. For this reason, many industries such as auto detailing, hospitality services, fleet maintenance, odor control services, aircraft maintenance and carpet cleaning companies are now using green cleaners. Since they are non-corrosive, chlorine-free and non-toxic, they can be safely used around kids, pets, or plants.

Here is a look at a few green chemicals available from Daimer®:

* Eco-Green® Heavy-Duty Car Wash: This natural, auto detailing solution contains powerful, plant-based ingredients that effectively eliminates almost all kinds of dirt, stains, and grease on cars without damaging automotive surfaces.

* Eco-Green® Truck Wash: In addition to remove mud, grease, and other stubborn residues from truck exteriors, this solution can be used on a range of other surfaces, from rubber to vinyl and more.

* Eco-Green® Carpet Care: This carpet cleaner works by instantly softening dirt and stains and crystallizing the dirt particles to prevent them from reattaching to carpets. Crystallized dirt particles can be easily vacuumed off.

* Eco-Green® Ultra-Power® Degreaser: These natural degreasers effectively eliminate oil and grease deposits from tools, vehicles, floors, and concrete.

Switching to green cleaning chemicals is one the best steps in protecting the environment.