Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can Green Chemicals Tackle Grease?

The advancement of green chemicals has enabled them to perform superior cleaning, often better than their toxic counterparts. However, many still doubt the capabilities of these cleaners. Tougher industrial tasks like degreasing almost always call for heavy, chemical-based cleaning solutions. Industrial grease is one of the toughest substances to remove, even with cleaning chemicals. To tackle tough grease deposits, there are green chemicals available that will effectively get the job done. For instance, Daimer® offers a green cleaning solution in their Eco-Green® line of cleaners specifically tailored for tackling grease.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser works more effectively than many chemical-based cleaning solutions, as it uses a unique technology known as Micro-Blasting® Technology. It penetrates the grease at a molecular level, breaking it down into very small particles. These particles are then coated to ensure that they do not re-adhere to each other or to the cleaned surface. By attacking the grease at the molecular level, this line of green chemicals can remove stubborn grease deposits with relative ease.

Best of all, these green chemicals are made from plant material, which means they are completely biodegradable. There is no risk of toxic traces being left behind after cleaning. Users do not have to worry about inhaling dangerous fumes while working or corroding cleaning equipment. Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser can be used undiluted for very tough degreasing jobs or diluted to deal with relatively light cleaning tasks. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Chemicals to Tackle Grease

Many people know about the benefits of using green cleaning chemicals, yet they still rely on toxic cleaners for a number of different applications. Grease is one of the hardest substances to remove completely, as it tends to cling to surfaces. To make matters worse, old grease can attract other debris and harden as well.

It is commonly believed that only very harsh cleaning solutions have what it takes to eliminate grease deposits, which are often found in industrial areas such as factories and warehouses. However, there are green chemical formulas available that can effectively deal with grease removal.

Eco-Green® Grease Trap Degreaser & Treatment from Daimer® does far more than your average cleaning chemicals can do. Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals break down molecules from the inside, effectively eliminating grease, and other dirt deposits. By breaking the actual hydrocarbon bonds that bind the grease together, green chemicals can remove grease effectively.

This can be very helpful in situations where hardened or very sticky grease can be liquefied for easy disposal. Apart from that, these green chemicals also work to ensure that the grease traps are also kept as clean as possible.

Just because green chemicals are safe for the environment, it does not mean they are soft on dirt. Eco-Green® Grease Trap Degreaser & Treatment is a great example of a green cleaning product that effectively clears even the toughest grease with relative ease. These products are easily biodegradable and do not pollute the soil or water.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Green Chemicals - The Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Efficiently

Environmentally friendly green chemicals are often preferred over conventional cleaning products such as toxic chemicals and detergents. These eco-friendly chemicals are derived from plants and vegetables and do not contain any ozone depleting solutions. They are also free of synthetics and volatile organic compounds.

Daimer®, a leading supplier of a wide range of cleaning machines, has taken the lead role in providing the best eco-friendly green chemicals, which can be used along with their cleaning equipment for providing advanced cleaning options. Eco-Green® products are readily bio-degradable, almost completely breaking down safely into the environment in about 28 days.

Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals have patented Micro-Blasting® technology consisting of nano-sized particles. These microscopic particles are able to penetrate the dirt molecules, encapsulate them, and prevent them from re-attaching to the surface. This facilitates quick and easy cleaning.

Eco-Green® green chemicals, such as the Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, are used to remove tough stains from carpets and other hard and porous surfaces. Ink stains, pet stains, and stains from food products and food dyes can be easily removed without using tough chemicals and detergents.

Green chemicals are safe for the environment, surface, and operator. Eco-Green® products act as an effective deodorizer and cleaner and can be used with a variety of cleaning machines.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Relevance of Green Chemicals

Multi Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner
Many people know about green chemicals, but still use artificial cleaners. This is often due to the misconceptions surrounding green chemicals. However, the use of artificial cleaners can promote adverse health effects, such as breathing problems, rashes, and more. Therefore, setting the misconceptions of green chemicals straight is important, thus allowing a host of different businesses and industries to utilize green chemicals in their everyday maintenance and cleaning applications. The following is an overview of some of the factors that make these products vital for safeguarding the surface, user, and environment.

What Are Green Chemicals?

A number of scientific studies have revealed the toxic side effects of artificial cleaning solutions. Because of these effects, many chemical companies now offer green chemicals. Green cleaning solutions were introduced as eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic detergents.

One of the misnomers of green chemicals is their lack of power. With the latest advances in green chemistry, this misconception has been reversed, with top suppliers now offering green chemicals that are more powerful than their toxic counterparts.

In addition to their extreme efficiency, green chemicals do not contain artificial ingredients. They are made from plants. The main advantage is that these products will biodegrade almost entirely within a month. This means they will not leave behind any traces of toxic chemicals in the environment.

Daimer® offers a number of green chemicals in their Eco-Green® series. Such chemicals as Eco-Green® Multi Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner use Micro-Blasting® technology to penetrate deep into the surface, emulsify the dirt particles, and allow easy removal of the residue. This technology also helps the particles from reattaching to the surface, making the cleaning process more complete.

An artificial cleaning product causes harm to the surface it is applied on, people who encounter the surface, and the environment in general. The toxic effects of some of the products remain in the environment for many more years. Green cleaners, on the other hand, offer superb results while ensuring the safety of the user, the environment, and the surface on which the chemical was applied.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Chemicals – For Car Detailing In an Eco-Friendly Way

Carpet Care
The move toward green chemicals has sparked a number of new eco-friendly cleaners for specific cleaning applications, including car detailing. Non-toxic car detailing products offer effective and safe cleaning of cars. Daimer®, a leading supplier of car cleaning equipment, has developed an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable compound for the car detailing industry. The compound is derived from plants and vegetables, and is free of any ozone-depleting substances, toxic chemicals, and synthetics.

Eco-Green®, developed by Daimer®, is a series of fast-acting and industrial strength chemicals with a wide variety of uses across different industries. These green cleaners adequately address the negative impact and problems posed by other car detailing products. They biodegrade almost completely within 28 days, will not contaminate the ground, water, or other parts of the environment. Better yet, a variety of specialized Eco-Green® formulas are available for virtually every car cleaning application you may face.

Eco-Green® solutions feature unique Micro-Blasting® technology, which uses nano-sized particles to penetrate deep into the surface and help facilitate their removal. The cleaning chemicals encapsulate dirt and residue to prevent them from re-attaching to the surface and render them easy to rinse away. In the case of Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, the ideal solution for interior automotive carpet and upholstery cleaning, the dirt is crystallized for easy removal with a carpet extractor. Eco-Green® formulas show amazing results and are very effective on the toughest of stains, which include those left by dirt, pets, children, food, and beverages.

The auto-detailing industry can greatly benefit from the use of green chemicals within the Eco-Green® series, which help reduce operational costs and allows customers greater levels of satisfaction. The industry is faced with the problems of complying with regulations on the use of ordinary products that are harmful and toxic. Using Daimer® cleaning products and equipment can help them comply with environmental regulations and achieve superb results.

Visit for more details about green chemicals and their various applications in the car detailing industry.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Functions of Green Chemicals

Functions of Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are eco-friendly cleaning solutions produced from plants. These cleaners help break or weaken the bond between the dirt and surface. They produce no harmful side effects and are safe for humans, animals, surface, and environment.

Cleaning the Surface

Green chemicals from Daimer®, within the Eco-Green® line, use special Micro-Blasting® technology to eliminate dirt and stains. This technology unleashes a number of nano-sized particles, which filter into the surface and break the bond between the surface and dirt. Eco-Green® green formulas are as effective as, if not more effective than, their artificial counterparts.

Protecting the Environment

Green chemicals were introduced as a safe alternative to synthetic detergents. Their rise in popularity coincided with the increased awareness among people about the harmful side effects of artificial detergents. As a result, green cleaning products focus as much on eliminating toxic side effects as on their cleaning efficiency.

Genuine green chemicals from Daimer® are produced from plants and vegetables. Such cleaners in Daimer®’s Eco-Green® series are not only effective cleaners, but are safe for the user, surface, and environment. They do not leave behind any harmful residue and therefore reduce the risks of harmful side effects. In addition, they bio-degrade safely into the environment almost entirely within 28 days. For more details on Eco-Green® products offered by Daimer®, visit

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Chemicals – The Safest Way to Clean Your Kitchen Equipment

The growing shift towards green cleaning has resulted in production of green chemicals for a variety of applications. However, no all green cleaners are created equal. This is where Daimer® steps in, providing the industry's most powerful and environmentally safe green cleaning products. These green cleaners are safe alternatives to harsh solutions that often contain toxic chemicals. They offer superior cleaning capabilities for residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning.

Daimer®, a leader in supplying quality cleaning equipment, has introduced Eco-Green® bio-friendly cleaning products, with specific formulas for a wide variety of applications in almost every cleaning operation. There are green cleaners for auto detailing, degreasing, removing odors, carpet cleaning, graffiti removal, and even cleaning freezers.

Eco-Green® can be used in kitchens for effective cleaning of stove hoods and ducts by using a unique Micro-Blasting® technology. This technology, a part of all of Daimer®'s Eco-Green® chemicals, employs nano-based particles that are microscopic in size, 50-100x smaller than the molecules of traditional detergents, to penetrate dirt molecules and dislodge them from surfaces. The technology prevents the removed dirt from re-deposition and keeps the stove hoods and duct surfaces clean and dirt free. Green chemicals are made from plant-based extractions and are certified to be safe for the user and the surfaces on which they are used.

The grease and oil deposits on stove hood and kitchen ducts are broken down into minute particles that repel one another, which can then be wiped away easily with a cloth or eliminated using cleaning equipment, such as KleenJet® steam cleaners. These green cleaning chemicals leave behind no toxic traces and do not contaminate food for machinery.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Uses of Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are cleaning solutions produced entirely from plants. They contain no artificial ingredients and are not harmful to the user, surface, or environment. Green cleaners have come a long way since their original introduction to the market. There are now green cleaners for almost every cleaning task imaginable, including degreasing, odor removal, carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and many more applications.

Green chemicals from Daimer® feature a unique technology to help make cleaning easier and more effective. Products in the Eco-Green® line of cleaners unleash nano-sized particles onto surfaces to break or weaken the bond between dirt and the surface. This technology allows cleaning machines to more easily eliminate tough dirt and stains.

Good green products work with mostly all cleaning machines or on their own. The following is a brief overview of the uses of green chemicals with various cleaning machines.

Carpet Cleaners

Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner from Daimer® can be pre-sprayed onto the dirty carpet and also added to the solution tank for additional cleaning power. Pre-treating carpets is mandatory to ensure optimal cleanliness when operating a carpet extractor. Using harsh, toxic chemicals can damage carpet fibers and ruin their appearance. If not eliminated completely, particles left behind can cause harm to those exposed to the chemical. Green chemicals are safe alternatives to protect carpet fibers and those exposed to the carpets.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines. Still, green chemicals can enhance the efficiency of these machines. Green cleaners such as Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser can help pressure washers complete degreasing tasks with ease. Several auto detailing chemicals, including the Heavy Duty Car Wash, can also be used for cleaning vehicles.

Steam Cleaners

Using green cleaners such as Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner can help eliminate nasty smells from kitchens and trash bins. Because they are eco-friendly, they are safe for use on counter tops and machinery and will not contaminate food or equipment with toxic particles.

Daimer®, a top supplier of cleaning products, offers a variety of green chemicals for many cleaning applications. For more details, visit

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Benefits of Using Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are cleaning solutions that do not cause any harm to the environment. These products have been increasing in popularity as environmental issues are becoming more of a concern. In addition to the tremendous benefits these cleaners offer for the health and wellness of the environment and the user, they are also powerful solutions that come in a variety of options for many cleaning applications.


Green chemicals were introduced as a safe alternative to toxic cleaners. When first exposed to the market, green cleaners were not as powerful as they have transformed into today. Gradually, as technology advanced, the efficiency of these products also increased. Right now, green cleaning solutions are as effective as, if not more efficient than, their artificial counterparts.


The primary advantage of these products is their eco-friendly nature. Green cleaning products do not cause any harm to the surface on which they are used, the people who encounter the surface, or the environment to which they are exposed. Quality products are often more effective than their chemical counterparts.

The strong cleaning power is yet another benefit of green cleaning products. The technologies used in these green cleaners make them effective cleaners. Daimer® offers Micro-Blasting® technology with the green chemicals in their Eco-Green® series. This technology penetrates deep into the stain to break up the dirt particles and prevent them from reattaching to the surface.

How to Select Quality Green Chemicals

Because many companies are now becoming more aware of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, the use of green chemicals is now becoming more popular. Green cleaners are safe for the user, surface, and environment and provide superior cleaning power against a wide variety of applications.

Unfortunately, some green products available now are not truly green products. These artificial products may contain traces of harmful chemicals that damage the environment. For this reason, it is important to understand genuine green chemicals before purchasing products.


Genuine green products are derived from plants and vegetables. These products do not contain any artificial ingredients. Authentic products, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® line of green chemicals, biodegrade safely into the environment in about 28 days. As they biodegrade, no harmful traces are left behind.

Cleaning chemicals often contain a list of ingredients not commonly known to the average person. For this reason, it is important to check the list of ingredients to make sure the solution is made of green products. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, can help you determine if the chemical is safe or eco-friendly.


Efficiency of green chemicals stems from the technologies used. One of the latest technologies in this field is Micro-Blasting® technology. Daimer®, a premier supplier of green cleaning products, has introduced this extremely effective technology. Green chemicals in Daimer®’s Eco-Green® line all contain Micro-Blasting® technology, which penetrates deep into the stain to break up the particles and prevents them from reattaching to the surface.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Chemicals – Multi-Purpose Cleaning Chemicals from Daimer®

Cleaning equipment manufacturers are always looking for innovative ways to ensure the chemicals and techniques they use are not detrimental to the environment. As a leader in the field of supplying high-quality cleaning machines and chemicals, Daimer® has taken the lead role in introducing eco-friendly green chemicals in their Eco-Green® line that can be used safely for a host of cleaning operations.

The company’s Eco-Green® series is the best alternative to toxic and harsh chemicals often used for industrial and commercial cleaning. Such dangerous chemicals not only pose grave health risks to the personnel using them, they can also damage the surface being cleaned and contaminate the environment. The safe, tested, and approved green cleaning products from Daimer® are completely natural, plant-based, non-toxic, and safe for surfaces, users, and the environment.

Green chemicals, like Eco-Green® Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, are biodegradable and utilize Daimer®’s Micro-Blasting® technology. Employing Micro-Blasting® Technology enables these green chemicals to easily penetrate the bonds holding the grime and dirt to the surface and break them down into minuscule particles that repel each other. This helps to dislodge stubborn stains and makes them easier to remove.

Daimer® has launched many new green chemicals that can be used in various industries. For instance, Daimer® offers car wash, truck wash, and carpet cleaning chemicals for the auto detailing industry. For restaurants, hotels, and office buildings, consider a tile and grout cleaner, oven cleaner, or deodorizer. These chemicals can also be added to cleaning machines for extra cleaning power without using harsh chemicals.

Green Chemicals for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

As awareness of environmental issues gains more exposure, the trend is rapidly shifting toward using eco-friendly products for commercial and residential applications, including in the maintenance and cleaning industries. Suppliers now offer green chemicals for almost every cleaning application available.

Daimer®, a company known for its wide range of cleaning equipment and innovative cleaning products, is in the forefront with its eco-friendly initiatives. Their green chemicals are sourced from plants and do not contain synthetic chemicals. Products in Daimer®’s Eco-Green® series of green cleaners are also as effective at cleaning, if not more, than their toxic counterparts.

The Eco-Green® Deodorizer and Cleaner eliminates the source of odors from their very roots, enabling complete odor removal. They break down the molecules of dirt and other organic residues held together by chemical bonds making them easy to remove. Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover, designed to eliminate tough stains on concrete, is a biodegradable product like other green chemicals from Daimer Industries®. Since all chemicals in the Eco-Green® series are non-toxic and non-flammable, they can be used for industrial applications such as removing rust stains and concrete cleaning.

Eco-Green® is also effective in removing grease stains, hydrocarbons, mud splashes, and other stubborn stains. Besides these, there are many other green cleaning products, such as Grout Sealer, Concrete Sealer, AC & Heater Deodorizer, Hand Wash Cleaner Gel & Foam, Adhesive & Ink Remover, Multi-Surface Cleaner, and more. All these products are bio-based and use Micro-Blasting® nano molecules to clean the surface. They are free from toxins and harsh chemicals, and are extremely safe for residential and commercial use.

Tips to Buy Genuine Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are eco-friendly cleaning solutions designed for optimum cleanliness without harming the environment. These products were launched as an alternative to synthetic detergents, which cause serious environmental damage during their active period. As green cleaners become more popular, it is important to look out for signs of fraudulent products. Many companies may boast of a green label, but may ultimately contain harmful chemicals.

Although there are companies that sell false products, many more companies retail genuine green chemicals. Consider the following tips below for choosing the best green chemicals for your cleaning needs.

Mode of Manufacturing

First, check for hints about manufacturing products. Genuine green chemicals are made from plant extracts and vegetables and do not contain harmful substances. Look at the ingredient list for the product. Although many may be unfamiliar, a quick search on the internet can help you decide which materials are safe and which are toxic.


When green cleaning products were first introduced, the main focus was on keeping them environmentally friendly and as a result, many often failed to effectively clean. However, as technology progresses, top quality suppliers have found ways to improve the cleaning effectiveness of green chemicals while keeping them safe for the environment. Daimer Industries®, a top producer of cleaning equipment and green chemicals, includes Micro-Blasting® technology within their line of Eco-Green® green cleaners. This technology uses nano-sized micelles to penetrate deep within the surface and encapsulates the dirt particles, which can then be cleaned away either manually or with a cleaning machine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Overview of Green Chemicals

Green chemicals were introduced as a safer alternative to toxic cleaners. Toxic cleaners often harm the surface being cleaned, along with the operator and environment. They can pose serious health risks and contaminate the ground and water supply. This is why green chemicals were introduced and have been used ever since.

Growth of Green Technology

When green cleaning solutions were first introduced, many companies focused on the safeness of the product rather than its effectiveness. As a result, these solutions lacked strong cleaning power. However, as time progressed, new technologies entered the market. This ultimately resulted in stronger green chemicals, often as powerful as their toxic counterparts.

Latest Technology

Daimer® introduced one of the latest technologies in this area, called Micro-Blasting® Technology, and is found in their Eco-Green® line of green cleaners. It releases nano-sized particles onto the surface. These particles filter into the surface and break or weaken the bond between the dirt residue and the surface. Green chemicals with this technology make the job of cleaner machines much easier.


Genuine green chemicals are produced from plants, and they contain only natural ingredients. A good green cleaning solution should biodegrade completely within about a month, leaving behind no harmful residue in the environment.

Latest Trends

Daimer®, a premier distributor of cleaning solutions, has launched a number of new green chemicals. Y

Green Chemicals for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

As awareness of environmental issues gains more exposure, the trend is rapidly shifting toward using eco-friendly products for commercial and residential applications, including in the maintenance and cleaning industries. Manufacturers are creating green chemicals for almost every cleaning application available.

Daimer®, a company known for its wide range of cleaning equipments and innovative cleaning products, is in the forefront with its eco-friendly initiatives. Their green chemicals are sourced from plants and do not contain synthetic chemicals. Products in Daimer®’s Eco-Green® series of green cleaners are also as effective at cleaning, if not more, than their toxic counterparts.

The Eco-Green® Deodorizer and Cleaner eliminates the odor causing sources from their very roots. They break down the dirt molecules held together by chemical bonds making them easy to remove. Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover is a biodegradable product like other green chemicals from Daimer Industries®. Since all chemicals in the Eco-Green® series are non-toxic and non-flammable, they can be used for industrial applications such as removing rust stains and concrete cleaning.

Eco-Green® is also effective in removing grease stains, hydrocarbons, mud splashes, and other stubborn stains. Besides these, there are many other green cleaning products, such as the grout sealer, concrete sealer, AC and heater deodorizer, hand wash cleaner gel and foam, adhesive and ink stain remover, and multi surface cleaners. All these products are bio-based and use Micro-Blasting® nano molecules to clean the surface. They are free from toxins and harsh chemicals, and are extremely safe for residential and commercial use.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How do Green Chemicals Rank over their Toxic Chemical Counterparts?

Due to the increasing awareness of the environment, many companies are now providing green chemicals for a number of different cleaning applications. However, many people are doubtful about the effectiveness of green products. It is a common belief that green chemicals are not as powerful or effective as their harsh toxic counterparts. Fortunately, as technology advances, green chemicals are now as powerful, if not more powerful, than toxic solutions.

Evolution of Green Products

When green cleaning solutions were first introduced, companies mainly focused on avoiding adverse effects on the environment. Some of these products were not as effective as their synthetic counterparts. However, advances in technology have allowed many companies to improve on their formulas and their effectiveness, while remaining safe for the user, surface, and environment. In fact, top green cleaning products available today can outperform their toxic counterparts.

Selecting the Right Products

It is important to select the right green cleaning solutions. There are many products available and not all of them are genuine green chemicals or effective cleaners. Buyers have to choose the right product to reap the maximum rewards.

One method is to choose the cleaning solution based on the technology. Daimer® offers green chemicals with Micro-Blasting® technology in their line of Eco-Green® green cleaning solutions. These products are derived from plants and vegetables. The technology releases nano-sized particles to help break down the bond between the dirt and surface. In addition, they help prevent dirt particles from reattaching to the surface.

Daimer®, one of the most innovative suppliers in the cleaning industry, odor elimination, provides genuine green chemicals powered by Micro-Blasting® technology.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benefits of Green Chemicals

The popularity of green chemicals has been increasing as more people become aware of harmful side effects of toxic chemicals. However, many people continue to use artificial detergents. It is still a common belief that green chemicals are not as powerful as their toxic counterparts are. Fortunately, technology has vastly improved these green cleaning chemicals. Modern green cleaning products are now as powerful as or even more powerful than synthetic detergents.

How Green Products Are Different

Green chemicals are derived from plants. Unlike synthetic detergents, they do not contain hazardous artificial ingredients. Toxic chemicals often do not biodegrade completely, leaving toxic residue on the surface and in the environment for months or even years after use. While these ingredients can be harmful to the surface, they are also harmful to those who encounter the surface and the environment these chemicals are exposed to.

On the other hand, the ingredients of genuine green chemicals, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® line of cleaners, biodegrade almost completely within the first 28 days. They are also safe for the surface, environment, and user.

Are They Effective?

At present, sophisticated technologies are utilized with Eco-Green® green products to ensure maximum cleaning power. One of the most prominent among them is Micro-Blasting® technology. Products based on this technology unleash nano-sized particles to the surface, which break the bond between dirt particles and the surface. This technology, found in Daimer®’s Eco-Green® line of cleaners, crystallizes the encapsulates making them easier to remove and prevents them from reattaching to the surface

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Removing Graffiti the Eco-Friendly Way

Traditional methods of graffiti removal involve repainting the surface or using thinners to dissolve the paint. Both methods have their limitations. Repainting is costly and can look unattractive if the repainted area does not match the other parts of the wall. Thinners dissolve not only graffiti but also paint and any finishing layer on the surface. The quickest and most effective method of graffiti removal is using special graffiti-removal detergents and pressure washers from reputable suppliers such as Daimer®.

Graffiti removal detergents sold on the market usually contain a number of toxic and harmful chemicals. They emit noxious fumes and may cause chemical burns if not handled properly. In contrast, Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover is made of natural ingredients. These food-grade, biodegradable components react chemically with paint, grease, marker, or pen. The molecular-level reaction helps remove the graffiti by lifting paint particles to the surface and keeping particles from reattaching to cleaned surfaces.

Green chemicals such as the Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover can be applied with a brush on to the surface. It can then be wiped off with a towel or hosed away along with the graffiti matter. For optimum cleaning efficiency, it is recommended to use green cleaners along with pressure washers. They can be added to the detergent chambers of these machines for the greatest graffiti removal power. Most contractors prefer to use such green chemicals while pressure washing walls, windows, and other graffiti-prone surfaces.

Many green chemicals are as effective as ordinary, toxic detergents. Daimer®’s unique Micro-Blasting® technology facilitates removal of the toughest graffiti stains. Besides being very effective at removing graffiti, these biodegradable products are nonreactive and carry no health or fire hazard. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unique Attributes of Green Chemicals

There are many types of green chemicals available now, including car washes, floor care products, carpet cleaners, and more. How are these different from artificial detergents? A genuine green product is sourced from plants and is not toxic or harmful to the environment, user, or the surface being cleaned. While it is well known that many commercial detergents contain toxic, hazardous ingredients, there are many imitation green products that do not have any difference from these synthetic detergents. Therefore, one must pay close attention to composition before purchasing green cleaners.

Genuine green chemicals are often more efficient than chemical solutions, and because of their plant based solution, are safer. That is, such green products clean just as well as artificial detergents and do not leave behind harmful toxic residues that can potentially harm the environment.

How Do They Work
Genuine green chemicals are made of extracts from plants and vegetables. These products do not contain any artificial ingredients or performance enhancers. Still, they manage to outperform artificial products. The reason is the unique technology they use.

Daimer®, a company known for its eco-friendly initiatives, leads the way in green cleaning its Micro-Blasting® technology. This technology releases small nano-sized particles onto the surface. These particles infiltrate into the surface and weaken the bond between the surface and the dirt. Dirt molecules are also penetrated and blasted into billions of tiny particles emulsified in water. As a result, it is easier to remove the stain and dirt from the surface.

Need For Selecting Good Products
It is always important to choose the right brand when selecting green chemicals, as there are many untrustworthy companies out there on the market. Daimer®, a trustworthy supplier, provides all kinds of green cleaning machines as well as green chemicals in their Eco-Green® series. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Guide to Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are cleaning solutions that, unlike chemical detergents, do not leave toxic residues on surfaces. These cleaning products are derived from plants and vegetables and do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Advantages of Green Cleaners

The main advantage of green chemicals is that they are free from toxic substances and safe for humans, plants, animals, and the environment. Artificial detergents leave toxic substances on the surfaces they touch. In some cases, the dirt and impurities they remove are much less harmful than the toxic residues they leave on the surface. These toxic residues can contaminate food and irritate skin.

Green chemicals, on the other hand, do not contain any toxic substances. These products contain only safe, organic components.

Are Green Chemicals Effective?

The first generation green chemicals were not as powerful as synthetic chemicals. However, the latest green cleaning products are more effective and often more powerful than their artificial counterparts.

Take, for example, the green cleaners distributed by Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning products. The company uses an innovative technology called Micro-Blasting® technology.

This technology helps the green cleaning products to release nano-sized particles to the cleaning surfaces. These particles work on the surfaces and break or weaken the bond between dirt and the surface. Dirt particles are then encapsulated and emulsified for easy removal. Thus, green products do not just eliminate the risk of environmental pollution, but they clean more effectively.

How to Select Genuine Green Products

Some of the green products available at present are not as genuinely ‘green’ as their labels would suggest. If you read the fine print, you may be able to find many toxic substances listed in the ingredients.

It is important to select green chemicals from reputable distributors. Daimer®, with a reputation gained from years of dedicated service, offers truly environmentally safe, powerful green cleaners in their Eco-Green® line. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Chemicals – Removing Odors the Eco-Friendly Way

Green chemicals supplied by Daimer® are unique products that are more effective than commercial chemical detergents and are safe for the environment. These products are sourced from plants, with non-toxic or non-biodegradable components used during any part of the manufacturing process. Daimer®’s green chemicals are not only safe for the user, but also for their surroundings. They are non-flammable and do not create toxic fumes, cause corrosion, or burns.

Removing Odor from the Root

Besides cleaning surfaces and removing certain types of germs and allergens, green chemicals can also remove unpleasant odors. The Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner, unlike other deodorizing products, works by eliminating the cause of the odor at the root. Decaying organic matter causes most types of bad odor. During regular cleaning, very small particles escape notice, but they can decompose and cause odor and disease.

The Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner helps remove these odor-causing substances. Green chemicals contain molecules that break down dirt by acting on the chemical bonds holding the dirt molecules together. You can apply Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner to the surface using a brush and then clean the surface with a towel. You can also use the Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner with pressure washers and steam cleaners for additional cleaning power

Besides removing odor and dirt, this green product also keeps the surface free from germs and odor for a longer time. Moreover, unlike most green cleaning solutions on the market, Daimer®’s green cleaners are reasonably priced. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Chemicals for Removing Rust Stains from Concrete

Rust causes some of the most difficult to remove stains on hard surfaces such as concrete. The problem with these stains, besides their persistence, is their pervasiveness – rarely is concrete stained on just one little spot. If a drainpipe or other fixtures have resulted in the stain, chances are that you will need to clean along the entire length to eliminate the stains. To deal with these challenges, most contractors responsible for maintenance and cleaning use chemical-based strong detergents, which can damage the environment and be harmful to the user’s health. Green chemicals are a safe, simple alternative to these detergents.

Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover, is a unique product offered by Daimer®. This cleaning solution, like other green chemicals offered by Daimer®, is biodegradable. It is non-toxic and non-flammable, and, therefore, safe to use and store. The Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner works by breaking down the molecular bonds in rust (or iron oxide) stains. Once that completes, a pressure washer or hose can be used for washing away the stains.

Besides rust stain removal, the Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover also removes grease, hydrocarbons, mud spatter, and other dirt on the surface. There are other green chemicals available from Daimer® that are used for cleaning walls, floors, pavements, sidewalks, basements, and other concrete surfaces. These chemicals derived from plants are made of food grade ingredients, which make it safe for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and homes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Green Chemicals for Cleaning Drains

Many people still use harmful cleaning chemicals for cleaning drains because they do not believe green cleaners are up to the task. More often than not, things that are washed down the drain tend to leave behind residue that can build up over time. A clog forms from different types of debris. It can be very tough if these kinds of clogs occur in bends in the pipe, as these parts are hard to clear out. For many people, harsh chemicals are usually called on to dissolve tough clogs in the drain.  However, new and improved green chemicals are just as effective in cleaning out drains.

Using toxic chemicals to clean out drains has many side effects. In many cases, the chemicals leave behind residue that corrodes the piping. A special formulas in Daimer®'s line of Eco-Green® green chemicals, called Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner, is specially designed to tackle clogged drains safely. This cleaning formula is plant-based and works by attacking dirt and debris at a molecular level. By penetrating and breaking down dirt molecules from the inside, these green chemicals can help tackle clogs containing grease, hair, and food particles. Instead of simply masking bad odors, these cleaning products get to the root of the problem and break it down for easy removal.

Because these green cleaning products are plant-based, they are safe for the environment. This means that you do not have to worry about your drain contaminating the water supply or ground soil. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Chemicals for Effective and Safe Cleaning

One of the many advantages of using green chemicals is the safety toward the user and the environment. Eco-Green® cleaning agents from Daimer® are also more effective than many of their toxic counterparts. This is because they use a special Micro-Blasting® technology that penetrates dirt molecules and breaks them down from the inside out. This makes them especially effective in removing old, hardened stains and grease deposits.

Unlike toxic chemicals, which are usually harmful for the user and the environment, green chemicals are non-toxic and completely harmless. In fact, they can even be used in areas where there are small children, plants, or small pets, since there is no risk of these products leaving harmful toxic traces.

Green chemicals' safety stems from their plant-based composition. Toxic cleaning products are generally made using chemicals that often take years to naturally break down in the environment. Green chemicals, on the other hand, are synthesized from plant products, which means they can break down easily and completely in the environment without risking contamination of soil or water. It also means it is safe for the user and will not cause any harm.

Green chemicals are also safe on the surfaces you clean. For example, many toxic chemicals can have a corrosive effect on things like vehicles. Using green cleaning products for washing cars and trucks does risk damage to vehicle surfaces. These eco-friendly cleaning products are not only safe to use, they are also extremely effective in tackling stains and dirt on different surfaces.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Select Green Chemicals for Carpet Care

The increasing popularity of green chemicals for industrial cleaning applications indicates more people have become aware about the toxicity of artificial detergents. Artificial, the efficiency and cleaning power of today's top green chemicals have equaled and even surpassed that of artificial chemicals.

One of the main applications of these eco-friendly products is in carpet cleaning. Because carpet extractors depend on the efficiency of cleaning solutions more than any other cleaning equipment, choosing the right cleaning formula is vital. After all, carpets must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution for effective carpet cleaning.

The following are some tips to select the most suitable green chemicals for carpet cleaning.

Check Genuineness

One must make sure the green product is actually green. Some products contain the word “green” in their label. However, if one looks at the ingredients of the formula, there may not be much difference between an artificial detergent and such so-called green products. One must understand that many artificial detergents are harmful to the carpet, the people, and the environment.


To determine whether a product is genuine or not, buy products from reputable suppliers. Quality companies offer ensure natural composition and biodegradability. In addition, a trusted supplier will offer MSDS sheets for each formula, so that you may review the ingredients.

The Eco-Green® line of green chemicals distributed by Daimer®, a trusted supplier of cleaning products, contains a number of different formulas for various applications. One such formula is Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, which helps eliminate odors and stains from carpets.Not only is this formula effective, like all Eco-Green® solutions, Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner is plant-based, non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and safe for the environment, users, and carpets.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Green Chemicals - Extensive Product Lines for Multiple Applications

Although green cleaning products are becoming more widespread, there has been a limited amount of options available for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Until now, people have believed heavy duty cleaning requirements can only be fulfilled through harsh chemical based products. Daimer®’s green chemicals are among the first to break this green barrier. Daimer®’s eco-friendly, non-polluting products can clean carpets, rugs, trucks, car engines, kitchen tiles, metals, stone, vinyl, and just about every type of surface. In fact, there is a formula for almost all applications industrial and commercial users face.

What make these green chemicals safe are all natural components. These products rarely don't aggravate allergies and eliminate the risk of burning and itching. They are bio-degradable and do not accumulate in the soil, water, or air to disrupt the natural equilibrium. In addition, Daimer®’s green chemicals are not flammable, which means they can be transported, stored, and used without being a fire hazard.

These products use Daimer®’s Micro-Blasting® technology to effectively eliminate tough stains and dirt. This technology is what affords Eco-Green® formulas such power. The molecules in the product react with dirt particles and form a coating around them, preventing them from reattaching to the cleaned surface. The dirt can be removed by wiping the surface, washing it, or by vacuuming.

Some green chemicals are designed to remove rust stains, adhesives, or graffiti. Other eco-friendly products assist in odor removal by tackling molds and bacteria, removing grease, or unclogging drains, among many other applications. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reasons to Switch to Green Chemicals

When cleaning, many choose to use a number of various cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, many of these cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can harm not only the user, but the environment as well. This is why many cleaning professionals today are choosing to use green chemicals to avoid exposure to harmful toxins.

As a plant based cleaner, green chemicals from Daimer®'s Eco-Green® line are safe for use on almost all surfaces. The nano-based molecules in green chemicals effectively penetrate into dirt particles and dissolve them quickly. For this reason, many industries such as auto detailing, hospitality services, fleet maintenance, odor control services, aircraft maintenance and carpet cleaning companies are now using green cleaners. Since they are non-corrosive, chlorine-free and non-toxic, they can be safely used around kids, pets, or plants.

Here is a look at a few green chemicals available from Daimer®:

* Eco-Green® Heavy-Duty Car Wash: This natural, auto detailing solution contains powerful, plant-based ingredients that effectively eliminates almost all kinds of dirt, stains, and grease on cars without damaging automotive surfaces.

* Eco-Green® Truck Wash: In addition to remove mud, grease, and other stubborn residues from truck exteriors, this solution can be used on a range of other surfaces, from rubber to vinyl and more.

* Eco-Green® Carpet Care: This carpet cleaner works by instantly softening dirt and stains and crystallizing the dirt particles to prevent them from reattaching to carpets. Crystallized dirt particles can be easily vacuumed off.

* Eco-Green® Ultra-Power® Degreaser: These natural degreasers effectively eliminate oil and grease deposits from tools, vehicles, floors, and concrete.

Switching to green cleaning chemicals is one the best steps in protecting the environment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Chemicals Keep Evaporator Coils Clean

Green chemicals can be used for a number of different cleaning projects, ranging from auto detailing to cleaning graffiti from walls. They are also very useful in cleaning evaporator coils. This task may be complicated, but essential to keep the coils clean. Regular maintenance of evaporator coils is important to ensure that the machine lasts long and that the air it circulates is clean. Using chemically based products to clean these coils sometimes results in corrosive activity. They can also leave behind toxic traces that may re-enter the air. The best way to avoid this is by using green chemicals.

The Eco-Green® Evaporator Coil Cleaner from Daimer® is the best way to effectively and safely clean evaporator coils. This formula is effective in removing substances like rust and scale build-up, which reduce the efficiency of the machine. They are also effective in removing grease and dirt, as well as other debris that accumulate on the coils. By increasing the surface area of the coil exposed to ambient air, these green chemicals work towards reducing the energy costs of the system. Regular cleaning with these eco-friendly products can increase the life and efficiency of the system.

Green chemicals from Daimer® work by penetrating and destroying dirt molecules from the inside. They also encapsulate dirt and grease particles so they cannot re-adhere to the newly cleaned surface. This effective cleaning power is completely eco-friendly since the green chemicals are plant-based. This means they break down naturally in the environment, biodegrading by over 90% in the first 28 days.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Benefits of Using a Green Cleaner for Cleaning Tools and Parts

Parts Washer &Cleaner
When it comes to cleaning industrial tools, you will most often experience a tough time cleaning grime and grease. If you resort to chemical cleaners, the harsh chemicals may damage sensitive machine parts. Harmful chemicals can even present a health hazard for you and your employees. This is why it would be a good idea to consider using green chemicals, such as Eco-green® Ultra-Power™ Parts Washer & Cleaner. This is a concentrated, non-toxic, plant-based cleaner that instantly dissolves tough hydrocarbon deposits like grease, fats, oil, proteins, sugar, and petroleum derivatives.

The cleaning capability of Eco-green® Ultra-Power ™ Parts Washer & Cleaner is mainly due to its use of advanced Micro-Blasting® technology, which breaks down the hydrocarbon bonds that hold grease particles together. The nano-sized particles in such green chemicals penetrate deep into the grease molecules and break them up, making it easier for you to remove greasy deposits.

The law states that chemical cleaning solutions must be treated or recycled to prevent them from polluting the environment. This process usually amounts to a large cost, especially for gas and auto service stations that have to clean greasy equipment on a daily basis. In such situations, using green chemicals goes a long way in cutting costs and safeguarding the environment and health of employees as well.

Best of all, these green chemicals are completely safe for use on almost all parts and tools since the formula is made from natural products and will not lead to rusting or corrosion of any industrial machine parts.