Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Treatment

There are many benefits for using green chemicals today, and the advantages of these solutions for your cleaning and maintenance needs are numerous. Unlike some would have you think, in terms of cleaning power, professional green chemicals offer highly effective cleaning power for removing dirt and various other kinds of deposits safely from just about any surface. In today’s world, we need effective products and the assurance these cleaning solutions are eco-friendly. This means that you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, build-up, or run-off of hazardous chemicals when you work and clean.

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner from Daimer® operates by using our unique system known as Micro-Blasting® technology. This involves nano-particles which penetrate blockages, dirt and grease molecules and break them down. This makes even the most stubborn clog dissolve without leaving any residue behind. Our green chemicals also feature the use of revolutionary Green Chemistry and Colloidal Technology; this enables us to provide effective products which are made entirely from our plant-based formula, specially designed to break down matter that clogs drains.

The Eco-Green line of green chemicals includes our Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner and is ideal for tackling septic tank blocks, which can often lead to hefty plumbing bills. Even the most stubborn drain clogs dissolve away safely and easily because these green chemicals emulsify hydrocarbon residues and organic matter. We are offering a superior drain opener capable of not only breaking down organic waste, but so powerful it will eliminate the bad odor that often emits from clogged drains. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the corrosion to your pipes caused by the use of caustic chemicals.