Friday, June 18, 2010

A Guide to Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are cleaning solutions that, unlike chemical detergents, do not leave toxic residues on surfaces. These cleaning products are derived from plants and vegetables and do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Advantages of Green Cleaners

The main advantage of green chemicals is that they are free from toxic substances and safe for humans, plants, animals, and the environment. Artificial detergents leave toxic substances on the surfaces they touch. In some cases, the dirt and impurities they remove are much less harmful than the toxic residues they leave on the surface. These toxic residues can contaminate food and irritate skin.

Green chemicals, on the other hand, do not contain any toxic substances. These products contain only safe, organic components.

Are Green Chemicals Effective?

The first generation green chemicals were not as powerful as synthetic chemicals. However, the latest green cleaning products are more effective and often more powerful than their artificial counterparts.

Take, for example, the green cleaners distributed by Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning products. The company uses an innovative technology called Micro-Blasting® technology.

This technology helps the green cleaning products to release nano-sized particles to the cleaning surfaces. These particles work on the surfaces and break or weaken the bond between dirt and the surface. Dirt particles are then encapsulated and emulsified for easy removal. Thus, green products do not just eliminate the risk of environmental pollution, but they clean more effectively.

How to Select Genuine Green Products

Some of the green products available at present are not as genuinely ‘green’ as their labels would suggest. If you read the fine print, you may be able to find many toxic substances listed in the ingredients.

It is important to select green chemicals from reputable distributors. Daimer®, with a reputation gained from years of dedicated service, offers truly environmentally safe, powerful green cleaners in their Eco-Green® line. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Chemicals – Removing Odors the Eco-Friendly Way

Green chemicals supplied by Daimer® are unique products that are more effective than commercial chemical detergents and are safe for the environment. These products are sourced from plants, with non-toxic or non-biodegradable components used during any part of the manufacturing process. Daimer®’s green chemicals are not only safe for the user, but also for their surroundings. They are non-flammable and do not create toxic fumes, cause corrosion, or burns.

Removing Odor from the Root

Besides cleaning surfaces and removing certain types of germs and allergens, green chemicals can also remove unpleasant odors. The Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner, unlike other deodorizing products, works by eliminating the cause of the odor at the root. Decaying organic matter causes most types of bad odor. During regular cleaning, very small particles escape notice, but they can decompose and cause odor and disease.

The Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner helps remove these odor-causing substances. Green chemicals contain molecules that break down dirt by acting on the chemical bonds holding the dirt molecules together. You can apply Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner to the surface using a brush and then clean the surface with a towel. You can also use the Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner with pressure washers and steam cleaners for additional cleaning power

Besides removing odor and dirt, this green product also keeps the surface free from germs and odor for a longer time. Moreover, unlike most green cleaning solutions on the market, Daimer®’s green cleaners are reasonably priced.