Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser

Cleaning grease and heavy soil can be a very tough jobs in virtually any setting, whether it is in commercial locations, industrial facilities, on machinery or shop floors, equipment, machinery, tools, metal parts, engines, trucks, concrete, and more. In the past, it seemed only cleaners with harmful solvents and butyl would do an effective job. That is why Daimer® is introducing a degreaser and other cleaning products that will work safely and effectively in nearly all commercial and industrial applications for the proper maintenance of vehicles, machinery, and facilities. Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser with Micro-Blasting ® technology, along with the Eco-Green ® family of green chemicals, are the safest and most powerful green chemicals for degreasing in the industry.

Eco-Green ® Ultra-Power ® Degreaser green chemicals quickly and effectively penetrate and breakdown oil, grease, dirt, and other stubborn substances that tarnish a wide variety of surfaces, making for easy cleaning. These green chemicals are comprised of super-small Micro-Blasting ® molecules that actually break down the hydrocarbon bonds that bind grease molecules together, shattering them into billions of minute particles. These tiny particles repel each other; which eliminates their ability to re-deposit onto cleaned surfaces.

In addition to their highly powerful degreasing action, Ultra-Power ® Degreaser green chemicals are derived from food-grade, plant-based ingredients, making them entirely readily biodegradable. There is no need for commercial and industrial users to worry about harmful runoff, which is associated with other degreasing chemicals. In fact, Eco-Green ® green chemicals are completely safe for all users, animals, plants, and for any environment. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eco-Green ® Truck Wash

Let’s face it; trucks get dirty. Trucks are often subjected to more demanding conditions where they are exposed to heavy soiling. To remove the strongest dirt, grease, and mud from truck exteriors more heavy-duty green chemicals are required, with power beyond that which is used for automobiles. One such solution is Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Truck Wash.

Eco-Green® Truck Wash green chemicals are highly concentrated for the most effective cleaning and degreasing of truck surfaces available. Despite their effectiveness, these green chemicals are the most safe, yet powerful, green chemicals in the industry. They contain no harmful chemicals, soaps, or detergents, and are completely toxin free. No more need to worry about the run-off associated with other cleaners.

These green cleaning products and chemicals are formulated to prevent the re-deposition of grease and mud onto cleaned truck surfaces. As such, even in demanding environments, truck surfaces stay cleaner longer. Even in driving off road, trucks and 4x4’s cleaned with Eco-Green® Truck Wash green chemicals actually prevent mud from adhering.

Eco-Green® green chemicals are so effective because they use super-small Micro-Blasting® molecules. These molecules are 50-100x smaller than traditional soaps. This allows the molecules to efficiently encapsulate, emulsify, and remove all hydrocarbon residues, including fats, oils, proteins, sugars, bugs, tree sap, petroleum derivatives, greases, road tar, and more. And, best of all, these green chemicals are safe for virtually any surface: metal, fabric, aluminum, alloy, vinyl, rubber, leather, and more.

To clean your trucks more thoroughly and keep them cleaner for longer, use Eco-Green ® Truck Wash.