Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner – A Natural yet Powerful Cleaning Solution

Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner
Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner from Daimer® is a plant-based product that has been specially formulated to unclog and clean drains safely, quickly, and efficiently. These natural, yet highly concentrated, green chemicals can instantly break down organic matter, dissolve hydrocarbon deposits, and clean drains that have been clogged with hair, food particles, fat, grease, and other organic residues. In addition to cleaning, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is capable of eliminating the foul odor of organic matter.

The exceptional cleaning power of green chemicals like Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner can be attributed to the use of unique Micro-Blasting® technology that utilizes nano-sized particles to penetrate deep into dirt deposits and dissolve them to enable easy removal. All sorts of harmful, organic substances and tough stains can be effectively eliminated due to this innovative cleaning technology. In fact, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is greatly beneficial in breaking down the waste accumulated in septic tanks so that you can save a good deal on plumbing costs.

Since green chemicals, such as Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner, are sourced from nature, they are perfectly safe for use on all types of plumbing. Being non-toxic, free of chemical components, and readily biodegradable, Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner is completely environmentally safe. This means you can confidently use these green chemicals without worrying about harm to your kids, pets, or plants.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eco-Green Green Chemicals for Auto Detailing

truck detailing chemicals
Auto detailing is a tough job involving a lot of scrubbing and washing. It can be even more troublesome for a commercial auto detailer who is exposed to the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals being used. These chemicals are not only hazardous to the health of the user, but also equally bad for the environment. These commercial auto detailing products contain abrasive cleaning agents and harmful chemicals that may even tarnish a vehicle’s surface. All these dangerous side effects can be eliminated with the use of green chemicals. In addition to their safety, green chemicals are equally effective in providing exceptional results.

What Are Green Cleaning Products Made Up Of?

There are several renowned distributors of auto detailing products and equipment that offer green car and truck detailing chemicals to help you get the same quality results without using hazardous chemical compounds. These green auto detailing cleaners are plant based, and hence, they are nontoxic, non-acidic, and completely safe for use. Owing to the use of advanced technology in the making of such cleaners, they can be used to do the same jobs as the other harsh chemicals.

When you use auto detailing equipment and products from renowned suppliers, you will be guaranteed the highest quality and maximum efficiency. By using quality products and equipment, you would be significantly reducing the maintenance costs as well. Daimer® is one such provider that offers the highest quality mobile car cleaning machines, carpet cleaners, and green chemicals.